• 100% Mexican

    Solesyto 2023 Hybrid Model is made in Mexico, the price is not dollarized, so it remains affordable.

  • Fair Price

    Solesyto 2023 Hybrid Model does not require importing, nor paying the solar water heater tariff.

  • Innovative

    The benefit generated by innovation remains in Mexico.

  • Home delivery

    The product is delivered to your home. Check coverage with your sales advisor.

  • Personalised delivery

    The delivery time is short: 10 working days.

  • Designed for Mexicans

    Solesyto 2023 Hybrid Model was specially designed for the conditions in Mexico.

Find out what our customers think

Solesyto is the best option in solar heaters, it allowed me to install a heater without hurting my tile because it is very light and it is super easy to install. - Saúl - Querétaro

Find out what our customers think

This equipment is hybrid: in addition to using the sun's heat, if necessary, it has a built-in electric heater that can be switched on automatically or manually. There is no need for gas back-up. - Airel, Doctor in Solar Energy

Find out what our customers think

I can comment that with Solesyto I have obtained a considerable advantage because before I had to refill my gas tank on average every month, now I refill only every 3 months. - Ariel - Morelos

Find out what our customers think

Two years ago I was looking for heaters and I was between an electric heater or a gas heater, I decided on Solesyto, my lifelong plumber was able to install it and since I put it in two years ago it has not failed, I really recommend it to you. - Mario Avila - Yucatan

Find out what our customers think

At home we have a hybrid heater and it has worked very well, we are seven people and it is enough to bathe perfectly well, we are happy and very grateful to Solesyto. - Federico Martínez - Jalisco

Find out what our customers think

We are very satisfied with Solesyto, besides being ecological, it is economical, we forget about gas and the electricity bill is not as high as before, I highly recommend it, it easily serves four people or maybe more. - Fabiana - Veracruz

Find out what our customers think

Solesyto is a great product, the truth is that I am very happy because it is working in an impressive way, I have hot water and I am saving a lot on gas and electricity, for me it is a phenomenal product. - Dinorah - Campeche

Find out what our customers think

Solesyto is a totally ecological and environmentally friendly solution, I feel very calm, because I know that it is safe and that I am not harming the environment. I am very grateful to Solesyto for giving me this peace of mind. - Raquel - Chiapas

Find out what our customers think

We are very happy because apart from contributing to the environment, Solesyto heats the water very well, we have had an excellent result and saved money. - Gloria - Oaxaca

Find out what our customers think

I am very happy with Solesyto, it is an excellent product, ecological, I don't spend more on gas and I always have hot water, I highly recommend it. - Luis - Quintana Roo

Find out what our customers think

I am very satisfied, Solesyto is a hybrid solution, which has allowed me to take advantage of solar radiation. - Gonzalo - State of Mexico

Find out what our customers think

Solesyto is aesthetically pleasing and because of its quality materials, it is possible to have it on the roof even in high traffic areas without any risk of damage. - Edgar - Puebla

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  • Do you have a water tank, raised at least 80 centimetres above the floor level?

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