Solesyto 2023 Specifications

  • Capacity
    80 Lts
  • Height
    800 mm
  • Diameter
    660 mm
  • Net Weight
    10 Kg
  • Users
    Maximum 4
  • Water consumption
    4 Lts / min.

Solesyto 2023 Components

  • Watering can 4 litres per minute
  • Power backup1500W/H (12.5A at 125V)
  • Dial type thermostat from 40ºC up to 75ºC.
  • Smart Contact 1850 W/H (15A at 125V)


  • Its spherical shape allows it to receive direct and diffuse solar radiation throughout the day. The electrical part guarantees the availability of hot water even in bad weather, in a safe, economical and ecological way.

Working temperature ranges according to the bioclimate

Solar Rad.

Cloudy to partly cloudy Up to 40ºC 18.5 MJ/m2
Recovery time 4 hrs
Partly cloudy to sunny Up to 50ºC 23.5 MJ/m2
Recovery time 3.5 hrs
Sunny Up to 55ºC Maximum 25.5 MJ/m2
Recovery time 3 hrs.

The Solesyto is atmospheric and is not designed for homes that use hydropneumatics or pressurised systems in their hydraulic circuit.


The Solesyto works by gravity in houses with a water tank installed on a base at least 80 cm high.

What are the benefits of Solesyto?

  • This system does not require gas, so you will avoid those dangerous flames.

  • The heater does not rust, is not affected by salt or saltpetre, and you can be sure that you will always have hot water.

  • Weighing only 10 kg, it is the hybrid water heater with the smallest ecological footprint in the world, made of 100% recyclable materials. It saves up to 80% of CO2 emissions.

  • It is inexpensive to maintain, self-cleaning in the rain, aerodynamic and resistant to any impact.

  • You can save up to 80% on your gas consumption and up to 50% on your water consumption. In addition, we offer the Solesyto Buy Back Plan.

  • Solesyto is made of 100% recyclable, non-metallic, high quality materials, which make it more resistant to salty weather and scale.

Solesyto Guarantee and Buyback Scheme

The Solesyto has up to 3 years warranty on its solar part and 1 year on its electrical part. At Energryn we offer the warranty service from the first day of operation of the heater.

The Solesyto is estimated to have a useful life of 5 to 10 years depending on the climate zone where it operates. From the fourth year onwards, the user has the benefit of the Solesyto Buy Back Plan, which consists of discounting the price of the materials of the new Solesyto that can be recovered by Energryn from the previous model. Energryn is the only company in the hot water market to offer this Buy Back Plan.