Terms and Conditions

The solesyto.com shop appreciates your preference. The following terms express the information that will be essential to read before making any purchase transaction in physical shop or online with Fricaeco America SAPI de CV.

solesyto.com provides you with access to a variety of concepts including, but not limited to, product information and material featuring company products, which are subject to the terms and conditions of this agreement. solesyto.com reserves the right to change, modify, add or remove any or all of these terms and conditions of use at any time. It is the responsibility of the user to constantly review these terms and conditions for changes. Changes are effective immediately upon their appearance on the site. By using the solesyto.com site the customer accepts these terms of use.

The products will be sent via parcel or private courier to your home and/or any office of the parcel or courier, the delivery time will be determined according to the one chosen at the time of purchase.

Once your payment has been confirmed and accepted, Solesyto may delay delivery if the product is out of stock or if unforeseen circumstances prevent delivery.

The standard weight of each shipment is 15 KG (fifteen kilograms). If your package exceeds the standard weight, there will be an overweight charge which will be notified via the website, email or telephone.

Notifications of purchase, shipping, delivery and other notifications will be made via email, telephone or via solesyto.com.

Prices and stocks of products and/or services

solesyto.com reserves the right to modify the prices of the products and/or services published on the site.

solesyto.com reserves the right to refuse a sale if it deems it necessary, refunding the customer's payment if it has been made.

solesyto.com reserves the right to respect the prices published on the website when these are altered or different from reality for any reason. When a price is incorrect a human agent will adjust the costs of the order and will contact the customer to let them know of the error and update their order. The customer may then choose whether to request a refund or proceed with the purchase.

solesyto.com reserves the right to publish the stock of products on the site.

solesyto.com is committed to inform if any product is discontinued. For the description of the published products, solesyto.com will show images as illustrative examples so that the user understands the constitution, functionality and characteristics of the product.

In order to deliver an order placed through solesyto.com, it goes through a risk analysis process, the result of which determines whether or not to proceed with the delivery of material. solesyto.com reserves the right to reject and not complete any order that does not pass the analysis filters, and also reserves the right to communicate to users the specific reasons for rejection.

Refunds and cancellations

If your product is not the right one, don't worry: making returns on solesyto.com is very easy.

From the reception of your product, you have 5 working days to start your procedure.

The procedure is completely secure and transparent, so we recommend that you follow the instructions below to complete it without any setbacks.

Step 1 - Return request

The customer can request the return of their order 24 hours a day by emailing administracion@energryn.com or during opening hours by calling +521(998) 151 45 27 , where they will be advised on the follow-up of their order and will be sent a form to fill in.

The grounds on which you may apply for a refund are:

- The article is not the one requested.

- Reception of damaged goods.

- Product defects.

Also, there are reasons where your refund will not apply such as:

- Product without original packaging.

- Incomplete products.

- Products returned in poor condition.

Please note that once selected, the reason for return cannot be changed.

Once you have completed the form, we will send you an email with confirmation of your return request. If necessary, we will ask you to send us photographs of your product.

The mail will have a tracking folio with which you can be informed of the status of your return.

Step 2 - Receive email response

Once we have the form answered and all the necessary data to process the request, we will have a response within 3 working days.

You will receive an email in response to your request, indicating the package waybill folio, if applicable.

You will need to print this information.

From the moment you receive it, you have 5 working days to validate the shipment.

We will only be able to send you one guide, so if you do not use it within this time, we will not be able to accept your return.

Step 3 - Repackage the product

You will need to repack the product, ensuring that the original packaging and the packaging in which it was sent to you are in the same condition and that the item is secure so that it arrives in the same condition as when it was originally sent to you. If you do not have the packaging box, please use a similar one.

Glue the parcel waybill to the outside of the box. Please do not do this directly on the original packaging of the product, as the glue may damage the packaging and cause the return to be refused.

It is very important that the product is in good condition and that you include all the accessories, instructions and labels you received for this process to apply.

Step 4 - Go to any Estafeta branch office

Take your product to any Estafeta branch. We will notify you by email when your product arrives at our warehouse.

Step 5 - Quality control

Once the product arrives at our warehouse, we will perform a quality control, once received you have 3 working days to determine if it will proceed as warranty. If the return is successful, we will immediately begin the process of your refund or exchange, in this case you will be informed again via email or phone call.

Payback Time

We are always willing to refund you quickly, which is why we want to be transparent. Below you will find important information about our refund policy:

- When a return is successful, the amount to be refunded is for the quantity of the item. The value of the freight is not refundable.

- When an item presents a manufacturing defect, it will be replaced by an identical item without defects.

- If you wish to exchange one item for another, you may choose another product from the shop. If there is a difference in cost, the difference will be adjusted.

- In some cases, you may be able to receive a discount voucher, a coin purse equivalent to the price of the product or other similar options.

The above options are only applicable to changes made by the buyer voluntarily. In case of default by solesyto.com, the refund will be for the full amount.

The time it takes to get your money back is stipulated directly with the financial institution of your card or payment platform.

The average repayment times are listed below:

- Payment bycredit card: up to 15 working days.

- Bank Payment: 4 to 15 working days.

- Payment by payment gateway: 5 to 20 working days.

If you encounter any problems, please contact your issuing bank. The repayment time depends exclusively on the bank, so please be patient.

In compliance with article 56 of the Federal Consumer Protection Law, you may cancel your purchase at any time before receiving the product.
To do so, you must send an email to administracion@energryn.com requesting the cancellation and giving a brief explanation of why you wish to cancel your purchase. solesyto.com will refund the amount paid for the product within a maximum of 30 days. The cost of freight cannot be refunded once the shipment has left our warehouse.

The consumer shall be obliged to return the product in the same condition in which he received it and without having used it. Freight and insurance costs shall be borne by the customer.

solesyto.com will replace the product within a reasonable time, subject to factors independent of the company, such as delivery by parcel, the availability of the product to be replaced or the availability of parts for the product.

If it is impossible to replace or repair, solesyto.com reserves the right to deliver a different product, of the same value and with the same functions and characteristics as the one ordered.

Limited Warranty

solesyto.com, guarantees its products in its solar components up to 3 years and in its electrical components up to 1 year, against any manufacturing defect and failure attributable to these (understood as quality of materials or workmanship of manufacture).

solesyto.com reserves the right to resolve if the cause of failure is due to misuse, lack of maintenance or faulty installation. If it is a manufacturing defect, the obligation will be to return it to normal operating conditions, within a period not exceeding 30 days from the date on which the claim is filed.

The warranty will be void for misuse, defective installation and/or installation outside the current regulations, for not receiving the maintenance required in its User Manual, for not being used and installed in Mexico, for having been manipulated by personnel not authorised by solesyto.com, for not using legitimate factory spare parts or for being installed in areas where there are no water or climatic conditions of operation as described in the following paragraphs:

Conditions of misuse include the use of water with excessive acidity (pH less than 6.0), with excessive alkalinity (pH greater than 8.9), or with excess salts, or dissolved solids in suspension (greater than 700 ppm) and these excesses will void the warranty. Water hardness is another factor that affects the life of the products. If water with a hardness greater than 350 ppm is used, the warranty will be void.

Operating the heater without water is considered to be a misuse condition. Another misuse condition is not following the instructions or not using the materials indicated in the Installation, Operation and/or Maintenance Manuals. Attempting to operate with an installation other than that indicated by solesyto.com, electrical overload or insufficient voltage below 110V, operation of the electrical backup for periods of time longer than 90 minutes, freezing, vandalism, breakdowns not covered by the warranty, atmospheric, geographical and natural phenomena and operating in geographical areas with average annual temperatures below 20ºC.

Modifications to the components of the products are strictly prohibited. To ensure better performance and durability, protect the products from corrosive environments, etc.

The products must be fitted with the two atmospheric tubes respectively as indicated in the Installation Diagram of the products and with the hydraulic and electrical installation materials as described in their Manuals. Never use the products with pressurised systems. FAILURE TO COMPLY WITH THE SPECIFICATIONS DESCRIBED IN THE OPERATION OF THE PRODUCTS MAY RESULT IN FAILURES NOT ATTRIBUTABLE TO THE PRODUCT WARRANTY.

Procedure for activating and enforcing the Limited Warranty:

The Limited Warranty applies only to damaged parts and not to the labour required for repair or replacement. In order to determine whether the Limited Warranty applies, a diagnosis must be carried out at the Authorised Service Centre nearest to the user, so the customer must bring or send the product there or pay for a technician from the Authorised Service Centre to visit the customer's home to carry out the diagnosis. The Limited Warranty does not cover the transport of the repaired product to the Customer's home or its reinstallation.

The Limited Warranty is proportional to the time elapsed since the purchase of the product. For example, if after a diagnosis a Limited Warranty is accepted by solesyto. com on one of the parts of the electrical components in month 6, counted months from the date of the purchase invoice, the cost of this damaged part will be refunded to the owner of the equipment at 50% of the value of the part, with the user paying the Authorised Service Centre the remaining 50% of the value of the part and the full cost of labour for the repair or replacement service carried out.

To request a Service Folio please call our Technical Support (998) 313 02 79 or send an email to serviciotecnico@energryn.com where after verifying your product ownership data we will pass your service request to the nearest solesyto.com Authorized Service Center to proceed to the attention of your request.

The customer must fill in the information with their purchase data on the Warranty Policy in the Manual of each Product and send a photo of it to serviciotecnico@energryn.com in order to activate the Limited Warranty of the product.