Doubts and frequently asked questions

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  • What happens if the sun does not heat the water to the required temperature, or if other people run out of hot water and I want to bathe afterwards?

    This is an equipment that completely replaces the boiler and its primary energy source is solar radiation, but if for some reason (excessively cold or cloudy days) it does not reach the desired temperature, it has an electrical backup that guarantees 24/7 hot water supply.

  • How much will I save on gas?

    The amount of savings depends on the method you use to heat your water and the number of people living in the house. If you have a gas boiler with a pilot flame always working, you will see an excellent decrease in consumption by multiplying the life of the gas cylinder up to 3 times .

    We can help you to estimate your savings, just send us an email to with the following information: number of people, current heating method, gas consumption and a copy of the last CFE bill.

  • Can I leave the gas heater installed for cases where there is not enough sun?

    No, when it comes to tank or fast recovery gas heaters, as you would lose a large part of the gas savings from the pilot flame, since it would continue to be lit during the whole time.

  • Is there equipment for houses with more inhabitants, such as 6 or 8?

    Yes, the Solesyto is only manufactured with a capacity of 80 litres and is ideal for 1 to 4 person households. However, when more capacity is required, it is easy to install several Solesytos in combos, either in series or in parallel.

    In that case, send us an email to, or you can call us at +52 (998) 151 45 27 with the characteristics you need for a quote and a customised configuration.

  • The Low Pressure Hybrid Model includes the "GrynShower" water saving showerhead in the price, what happens if I don't install it?

    This shower head guarantees a controlled water flow of 4 l/minute which is sufficient for a good bath. If not installed, the amount of water that will be consumed will be higher than the mentioned volume, reducing shower time and/or water temperature. In addition, the use of this shower head will give an extra saving in consumption and cost of hot water of up to 50%.

  • What happens if I install the Solesyto and the base of the tank does not have the required minimum height of 80cm?

    In that case the unit would not be completely filled with water, because it works by gravity. This would considerably decrease its solar heating efficiency, and if the electrical resistance operates when the boiler is empty, it will cause irreversible damage to the boiler.

    On the other hand, if the tank is emptied, air can enter the pipe and block the hot water from flowing out of the shower. Finally, if the Solesyto is left empty, it can be damaged if it is moved by a strong wind. All these consequences are not covered by the warranty.

  • What is the price of the 80 litre Solesyto?

    The same price as it would cost to buy an 80-litre tank gas boiler in reputable shops.

    This is possible because Solesyto is 100% made in Mexico, and from the beginning it was thought and designed to have a similar price to a gas one of the same capacity. And now the 2023 version includes a smart contact to operate Solesyto from Alexa!

  • Can the Solesyto work when my house has pressure from a pump, from the street, etc. and does it work with a filter?

    If you wish to improve the water pressure in your tank, all Solesyto 2023 models are designed to work with Automatic Pressurizers up to 1/6 Hp. If you wish to install a filter to reduce water hardness, it should be placed at the water tank inlet (not at the water inlet or outlet of the Solesyto). If you have already installed a hydropneumatic system without a water tank or you receive water directly from the street without a water tank, you will NOT be able to use Solesyto.

  • What is the power consumption of the Solesyto backup?

    The main advantage of the Solesyto is that, in most cases, your water will be above the temperature of the water in the tank as a result of solar preheating, so your electricity consumption will be lower than that of an electric or gas boiler that receives cold water directly from the tank.

    The equipment consumes 1500 W/H ( 12A at 127V) while connected. For a 10 minute shower, with our 4 liters per minute showerhead, the time of use of electric backup ranges from 15 minutes (in warm areas) to 40 minutes (in cold areas), which is equivalent to a cost per shower of up to one Mexican peso with basic electricity rates.The following graph shows a comparison of the average monthly electricity consumption of other electrical appliances compared to a Solesyto that uses its electric backup 1 hour a day for 5 days a week:


    Click here to learn more about GrynHouse, the combo that allows Solesyto's electrical backup to be powered by photovoltaic panels.